Federal Applications Processor Hoffenmer exists to to assist trucking companies in continual compliance with the U.S. DOT & FMCSA regulations.

The Hoffenmer Difference.

The FMCSA and the DOT impose many regulations and mandates. But not every regulation applies to all transportation companies. And many agents prey on the lack of knowledge of transportation company owners scamming them into paying for services that are not required for them.

Our goal is to help you stay DOT compliant scam-free. We always quote the DOT regulation code that may pertain to your company and the source where you can read about it. You should not trust everyone and you don't have to trust us, but you should rather always seek the source of the regulation and the requirement. We will help you with this regardless of whether you complete a service with us or not.

Are you in compliance with the Driver Qualification mandate?